Zenphoto has detected a change in your installation.

  • The script functions-image.php has changed.
  • Your installation has moved from /home/iamstuff/public_html/photos to /home4/iamstuff/public_html/photos.
  • Your database software has changed from MySql 5.1.65 to MySql 5.5.51.

Please reinstall the following setup files from the [10902] release:

  • zp-core/setup.php
  • zp-core/setup/setup-functions.php
  • zp-core/setup/setup-option-defaults.php
  • zp-core/setup/setup-primitive.php
  • zp-core/setup/setup-sqlform.php
  • zp-core/setup/setup.css
  • zp-core/setup/setup_permissions_changer.php
  • zp-core/setup/setup_set-mod_rewrite.php
  • zp-core/setup/setup_themeOptions.php

The change detected is critical. You must run setup for your site to function.